Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

Sometimes I like to ponder,
The home’s many wonders,
The love that brings us together,
The happiness that lasts forever.

Home is where you cry,
And home is where you sigh,
It’s absolutely amazing,
The way home is gazing,
But what is it gazing on?
Your future, my past, and things that are none.

A place to recollect,
A place you can connect,
A place of peace,
Where sadness is ceased,
From when you come back from a roam,
And dull moments like reading a tome,
And even the moments when we are mad,
Count even though they’re not so rad.

Angry, joyful, and sometimes sad,
Excited, shy, and super glad,
Even though you might not believe it,
Make lasting memories that were knitted.

Angry moments become the past,
And we forget them pretty fast.

And now about the important stuff,
And this is not rainbows and fluff,
The most important things are your folks,
And this is no silly joke!

Love is an important one,
And I think joy is super fun!
And you can call this a rhyme or a poem,
But this is the true meaning of home.