Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

House and home are different. So in this slideshow I will be showing you the difference . Also we should be really happy that we can be able to afford a home.

A home is a place where you can relax. Relaxing can only happen in one place and that is home. For example in my home I can relax easily,but in a house I would not feel comfortable enough to be relaxed.

Another thing what is special about my home is that we do special activities every week. Like in my home every Sunday we do Sunday night movie night. The point is in a house we don’t do special activities but in a home we do.

Some of my feelings about my home are… In my home I feel warm I feel this because when I snuggle with my family that is why I feel warm. I also feel sad or mad on rainy days I feel this because I don’t like the rain.

In my home each day when I come back from school I can smell the delicious food that my my mom made. But in a house you can’t smell the amazing food.

In my home you have memories for example in my home we have pictures of me in England for the first time. But in a house we don’t have memories.

This is what a home means to me. So I hope that I can help give money to make people homes that can’t afford a home.