Grade 5

Sault Ste Marie

The Meaning of Home

To me home is a feeling not a place. It’s where your family is. Home is where you live your life. The walls can stretch endlessly. To me, you make your own home.
But some people don’t have the feeling of home. So we need to help them. Have empathy, try to help others. Be kind, so if you get some, give some. Help give them a home with their family.
We can all help if we work together. We can donate food or water to the soup kitchen. To help you could maybe give some money. You shouldn’t take food or water if you don’t need it. Keep trying to help.
We all need to help. Give love to the ones without. Strength to the weak. You never know how someone’s life affects yours. I know for sure I want to help, do you?
Give the feeling of home to others. Help others find family and love. Their home will be filled
with warmth and health. Have faith and courage to help, have the feeling of home.