Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

The meaning of home is important to me
It is where we grew up to be
We grew up with pride and running around
Home is where you turned around
From injuries to deaths from bomb to bullets we must have a place to be
Home is a place where you belong
And it is why now we stand built strong
With lots of shelter and places to be we must help those in need it is hard to believe that we may not suceed unless we react to the people in need
If we don’t suceed today we may not give them our pay
They need our help and the believe that we can help because we can suceed
Our help can help the poor and give the Earth a perfect cure
A home for us is where we sleep
But a home for others is where they breath
A home is a place of peace and life
A home is a place where you can eat
And live a life that will suceed
With our courage and people in need
Why don’t we be nice like were supposed to be
A home is a place where you try new things
Now matter how hard it is
A home is a place where you learn to be a
A man and turn into a confident beast
Without these major parts for people they will not get and become friendly people
They will turn the blame on the world
Because they didn’t respect at all
Nobody wants a problem to cause because if one does the world will be gone
Home is a place where you enhance your brain but also a place where you shall remain
We must help those in need because they believe