Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Today when I hear the word “Home” I hear…
The sound of my dogs barking when I finish parking
The sound of my rabbit hopping when I come home from shopping
The smell of my Mother baking when I come in from raking
The light from the TV glowing when I come in from mowing
The sight of my hamster drinking when I come home from thinking
The sound of my parents talking when I come back from walking
The sound of the door beeping while I am sleeping
The sound of the fire burning when I come back home from learning
Finding my lost hat on the front door mat
Home is where you’ll have liberty for all of eternity
Home is where your heart will fall but always come back with a call
But when I look back, the best part of my house is when it becomes a home
Your house may be big, small or even tall. Your house will all the things you need in it. But now I ask you, is your house really a home?