Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Everyday I wake up and get out of my nice, warm bed. I go downstairs and eat breakfast, and get ready for school. On the weekends I’ll watch a movie and maybe go to music lessons. But what if I couldn’t do that? What if I had to sleep on the streets, out in the cold? What if I had to eat the food I find in a trash can, because I can’t afford my own food? What if I had no house? But just because you have a house, it doesn’t mean you have a home. Because a house is just a building. But a home is where you make memories that will never fade. It’s where you share your moments with your family. It’s where you learn right from wrong. It’s where you find comfort and strength when you need it the most. It’s where you laugh, it’s where you cry. It’s where you work and have fun. A home is where you live. Not just survive, but live.