Grade 6


The Meaning of Home


The meaning of home to me means lots of different things. It means comfort and it should always make you feel safe. A home can be anywhere for everyone. It could be where you had fun childhood memories or even just where ever your family is. In this essay, I will share with you what home means to me.
A home can be anywhere in any place! It is can always be different for everyone. When your walk down a street and you see someone sitting on the street, with dirty and old clothes that might not fit them the first thing you think is that he is a Homeless man or a Hobo. But that’s not true. Just because the man doesn’t have a house to live in, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a home. His home could be the bench there sitting on or even the alleyway they sleep in. This proves that home can be anywhere.
When someone says home, the first thing that comes to mind is your house. But as you read the paragraph above, you can see that home can be anywhere. Just because you have a house, doesn’t mean that your house has to be your home. Your home can be different from your brother’s home or your Dad’s home. The place your home depends on is YOU.
What home means to ME is that a home should be comfortable and should always feel safe. A home is should be where I can be me. My home is my house because I have lots of good memories there. My house is always comfortable and I feel like it’s always there for me. Just the thought of my house can be comforting.
Some people think that a home has to be a certain place but home can be wherever someone you love is. I think my home is also where my family is because I’m always so comfortable with them.
If there is a place that comforts you, makes you feel safe, lets you be you and feels special to you, that is what home is to you.