Grade 6


The meaning of home

home is a place….
A home is where you wake up in the morning, and feel the rush of excitement as you get out of bed to greet the new coming day. Where, in fact, you feel the most safe, more safe than any other part of the world. Home, is where you don’t need to worry about looking perfect, every second of every day. A home, is a place where you can let it all out and you don’t need to worry about embarrassing yourself, or having a snappy comeback. A home is a place with pots of flowers and big bowls of apples and peaches and plums and other things that fill you with the joy of 100 suns and moons. And when you walk out that door, you feel less happy, less safe, and less of every joy that home brings you, just from walking out that door. And when you arrive back to your house, it greets you with all those happy emotions that leave and greet you every day. For you see, a home is different from a house, a house is a place you live, and a home is a place you love, and that is what makes home, a home.

Home is a sanctuary, a place of joy
A place that could become your toy
A home is where you love, live, and play
Anywhere or any day
Home is a beautiful thing
That makes you want to cry out and sing
Home is where you feel happy or sad
Even mad or glad
When you arrive home from school,
You can take a dip in the pool,
Or fly around and dance,
Or run around with no pants
home can bring you joy any day,
And that is why you need to play.