Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Hi, I’m in grade 6 and this is the meaning of home for me:
Home feels like a safe place where you’re comfortable.
Home is a place like no other.
It’s where you can be the real you, stop acting and let it go.
It’s where you have memories.
Home is where you should feel that you’re important
And that you have a voice.
It’s where you learn your manners,
And then you use them somewhere else.
It’s where you’re happy,
And where there are people that love you and care about you.
Home is where you celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.
It’s where you’re never bored.
People that don’t have a home must be cold and people passing by ignore them. How do you think they feel? Think about it.
So let’s make the right choice and let them start a new life. Let them have what we have.
I’m lucky I have a home.
That’s my meaning of home.