Grade 6

New Maryland
New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

David Lou
Mrs.Gallant /LA
Due Nov.4
The Meaning of Home
Screech! With that sound the bus came to a stop. Finally I’m home! I stood up as soon as the bus came to a dead stop and darted out the door as soon as the bus driver opened the door and ran up the empty sidewalk and towards my house,a place where I call home. Home is where l can truly be myselves,home is one of my favourite place to be.

Home will always be my favourite place to be. Everyday when I return home I can put a bad day behind me and I will always know that there will always be an warm meal waiting for me,a soft,comfortable bed for me to rest on,and a roof over our heads and walls to keep us warm.But there are something more important than that,and it’s my family because I would know that there will always be someone who cares about me.

Family is the most important thing ever. Home is where your family lives,home is a place to have good memories like birthday or Christmas,but if it’s your birthday and no one was there to celebrate it with you,will you be happy? If it’s Christmas and you have to celebrate it alone,will you think it’s a merry Christmas? Without a home,a Christmas will be only a little bit better ,but without a family,there will be no Christmas to celebrate about.

I know that I’m lucky to have a place to call home,but that is not the case for everyone that lived on this planet. Everyday when I come home from school I can relax and be warm and dry but some people don’t have a place where they can call home. Everyday when they are back to rest,there will be no bed or walls or food and most importantly,no one to care about and nobody cares about them,all they have to rest on is cold,hard,concrete.I wish that sooner or later everyone will have a safe place to call home.

So this is what home means to me,it’s a place where you can rest,play,have good memories and truly be yourselves,but most importantly,it’s where your family is. And of all the precious memories I’ve had,most of them are the times I spent with my family.