Grade 6


The Meaning of home

Home is a place where you live. Home gives you shelter and warmth along with many memories. Home is a place where you can thrive and always be safe from robbery. Your home means a lot to you ,your memories of home are a plenty. You have parties, playdates , and many other good memories are brought on by home. You do simple things like sitting on their couch reading, while it was raining cats and dogs at home too.
Home is where you stay when the rain falls and the lightning lights up the sky. The place where you and your family stay warm and comfortable. Home is where you learn to walk, eat; it is where you sleep comfortably at night. Home is where I am with my parents; home means family. Home is where you stay huddled around the fire in the cold winter when the wind whips and whistles.Home is where you shelter yourself from the blistering sun in the summer.
Sadly 1.6 million people are homeless in Canada, to put that in perspective that’s like everyone in Montreal or Switzerland ( 2015 stats) had no home, and that’s a lot. It may seem hopeless but many people are helping people, like Habitat for humanity who help many people get affordable housing many across Canada. We need to help these people some of them work very hard and their choice is food or a house for the people . Habitat for humanity is building houses and making them easier to afford like for example, they pay the hydro. We need to help these homeless people so they don’t suffer in the cold in the Winter and rain in the fall and spring and the Sun in the summer. We need to give people a home.