Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Home is so much more than the everyday house you see out your car window. It’s where I have the right to play all day with not even bothering to stop. It’s the place where I feel the BEST. It’s also were I have relatives to guide and love me to help me grow up. I’m so glad someone’s giving another person the opportunity to have what I have.

I’m glad that I have family where I live. I have a Mom, Dad, little brother and an adorable dog that loves me like a good family would. They take my feelings into consideration. They cheer me up when I’m feeling sad, they pick me up when I can’t get up myself. I love my family; I never want to be without them.

I feel wonderful at home! It and the people around me make me feel like I overcame a really cold blizzard. It comforts me the way I like it to. It’s a space of amazingness. It makes me feel fantastic unlike many other places. I love the way my home makes me feel.

Home is where I get to play my favorite game. It’s called Pie In the Face because you get whip cream launched in your face. After, you get to eat all the whip cream, THAT IS MY FAVORITE PART. I love the game so much because it’s some of the best family time I get. It’s so much fun to have a little family time at home.

If you could give someone the chance to do all of these things it would be the best day ever. I want to give someone else the chance to have a home like I do.