Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is the feeling of comfort and warmth from you mother and father’s loving arms. The meaning of home is feeling safe when you get tucked into bed. As you get into the shower, you should feel thankful to clean yourself with warm water, many people in the world have to clean themselves in lakes or rivers. If you get hurt, we can go back home to recover in comfort.

If you have siblings, what is the funnest thing you can do with them? Playing board games, card games, hide-and-seek and tag are all fun things to do with siblings at home.

We may have parties at home with friends and food to share. One exciting part of your home, is that you may decorate for: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or any other holiday that your family celebrates.

Home is the first four letters in “homework”. Parents help out with homework to make a connection with their kids. Home is coming together with your family so you can eat and enjoy your loves ones. We are lucky to live in a country where there is a large variety of food to choose from.

Maybe it is a holiday, maybe it is a birthday, we celebrate it here, but others may celebrate it tears. If your cousins, aunties, uncles, Grandma and Grandpa come for a holiday, you have a place for them to stay.

A home is a great place for making lasting memories. It doesn’t matter what your house looks like, everyone can have a special place, and that place is home.