Grade 6


The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning Of Home

Almost all of us have homes, rather it’s a house, apartment, or a nursing etc this is a home. These are all places we live, feel most comfortable, loved, and protected.

First, all homes are special because they all have a living room, whether it has a tv, couches, or even chairs it’s still a living room. With a living room you can have game night with your family. Or you can spend time and watch tv with your siblings like watching movies on Netflixs. As well you can celebrate holidays like Christmas and New year’s with friends and family.

Also, all homes are special because it keeps you protected from harm. When it’s extremely cold outside or very hot out, and even very harsh weathers your home protects you. As well it keeps us protected from bad people who steal, do drugs, and terrorism. It also protects us from dangerous wild animals that can cause harm.

Lastly, all homes are special because you can create memories. When you were little and said your first words or your first steps was memories. You learned things at home like how to change the tv or learned to become potty trained. As well you make memories with your parents like they teach you how to cook and dress yourself.

Home is a wonderful place but the sad truth is over 1.3 million families in Canada don’t have a home or doesn’t have the money to pay for it. These families won’t be able to experience spending time with family, being protected from harm, or be able to create memories. Today if all of us work together we can help those families in need.