Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning Of Home

“Home” the place where people are warm and they don’t have to worry about what their going to do when they get home from school or work. Home is a place where you can relax and be loved by the people around you. Home is the place that if you’re sick or have a cold your home will comfort you and help you get better.Your home is something with furniture that you can sleep on and you’re comfortable with the fire place. Home is the place where you can walk to school or take the school bus or even ask your parents to school and your mom or dad can make you a lunch for school.
Some people don’t understand what a home is. Most people are on the streets and don’t have money to buy food or water for themselves or their children. Some people are having trouble paying for their home so they have to live on the streets instead of living in a house. People would have less trouble finding a home if we just give them one. Giving is the most generous thing in mankind. By giving people a home we are helping Canada become a better environment to those who want to come and live here.
Every day I come home to my mom cooking and my dad watching football on the television. My brother and sister are watching cartoons on the computer. My family is safe from all the dangers because of a roof over their heads. When I walk down a street I see homeless people all over. For once I wish i’ve never seen people on the streets.
I wish that I could never see anyone being so mean and not take care of their own people. Some people think “Oh look it’s a homeless person let’s not give them money because they should get a job”. Well guess what that’s not how it works they don’t have money because they lost their jobs. They also don’t have money because of medical bills or medical illnesses. I believe if you give them a house they will give you something in return like a coffee,tea, ect.