Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

I am writing so I can tell you about how homeless people need a house to make into a comfortable home.

A house is different than a home because a house is where you might not live or a place where your going to live. So, you don’t really feel comfortable there yet.

A home is a place where you make memories and love. My home is where I bake cookies and watch movies with my family. I wish other people could have that feeling too.

People who are homeless deserve a home. They cannot wander around the streets. It is dangerous to be doing that when cars are around. Also, when winter comes they won’t have a home or a house to stay warm in. I’m sure that when someone wins this contest a homeless family or person will be very happy to get a home.

So, I hope that you now understand that homeless people really need homes but not just to get out of the snow and rain, but so they make good memories and have love and laughter.