Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home, What is it? Home is wonderful, the feeling of home, is fantastic knowing where everything is, the comforting place you can relax, knowing all of that is yours, only yours, its awesome.

The warming and welcoming feeling of home is so comforting, its one of the best feelings there is. Homes are wonderful and houses to, but in different ways. Homes and houses are similar in some ways and total opposites in other ways. Home is your comfortable place that you are familiar with that you can enjoy all the time. A house is basically just a shelter that keeps you from the cold and from the extreme heat. What a house and a home have in common are both

keep you from the extreme temperatures, they also both might have something that stands out from the other houses/ homes either that be good or bad. Although both of these are good, some people have neither. We can help though, we can help those people get through the hard times of being home less. We can help them get homes. All you have to do is try, try and try your best to pull of a miracle that could potentially get someone or a family a home.

Just remember that you can’t do it alone you will need help in that journey, and that you can always find someone to help you, all you have to do is look.