Grade 4


The Meaning of Home!

Homes come in different sizes and shapes but no matter what they are still home. Home is also a place to sleep, eat, play, etcetera. Sometimes you have a brother or sister to play with. The homeless do not have a home to live in that is so so sad. Homes are safe. It protects you all of the time. You sometimes have pets to play with. Sometimes you might cook with your mom or dad and have toys to play with. But no matter what you are loved! Some times you have a TV or electronics. You have memories there. Home is a place to celebrate holidays and birthdays. It is a place to have clean water and a caring family and friends. A place to laugh, cry, and tell mom or dad things in private. Your grandparents sometimes live with you. Sadly, some people’s homes are being destroyed and that is so sad. School is a home away from home. If you never knew if your parents loved you, well, they do!