Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
I’m writing to you about what home means to me. It will express my detailed ideas about home.
How I would expect home feels to most people is safe and a place where you can go and rest. What makes me comfortable in my home is:
• My dog named George
• My soft and comfortable bed by the radio
• And my awesome family!
Maybe if you lost your home or never had one, you would feel proud that you just got one. Maybe it is empty or a mess, but you would like it just the way it is. At the time when you just moved in and had nothing it would be:
• Empty
• Uncomfortable
• Cold or hot
There might be bullies in the area but almost everyone is nice. You would make friends quickly and they would probably be super nice to you.
A home with a roof and walls would protect you from natural disasters like tornadoes, floods, snow, rain and wind. A home will also help you go to sleep because a home will deafen the sound of wind, rain or hail.
You may also feel like everything is under control. You feel that no one is going to disturb you. You feel like your home is sturdy.
Home is a special place for me and you. There are many different ways that it can be special.
You can have a family and pets like me. A home is a special place where family is always there for you.