Grade 6


The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning Of Home

The meaning of home to me is where a family stays and shares memories ,a place of comfort and a home that protect’s us.

First, the meaning of home to me is where a family stays together and share memories.We share memories by sharing photos that were taken a long time ago, also remembering having fun with our loved ones who are no more.Even we share memories of our childhood like when we were younger how did we have fun what did we do?Or where we mischievous or good?

Also,the meaning of home to me is a place of comfort example when you come home from school all you need to do is relax and sit on the comfy couch and eat.See this is the meaning of home relaxing, but if we didn’t have a home we will be on the streets sitting on the hard ground and begging for food and that’s sad.It’s actually true some people are usually on the streets begging for food,because they don’t have a home or food.

Finally, the meaning of home to me is a home that protects from weather (example snow,cold and rain etc).Also our home protects us from dangerous people that want to harm us.

So you see,these are the reasons of meaning of home where a family stay together and share memories second,a place of comfort and last,a shelter that protects us