Grade 5


the meaning of home

When I hear of home I think of family. I think of love and something happy.When you’re at home you’re safe with the ones that love you with the ones that don’t hate.Home is where you will grow up and grow old. Home is the best place you could imagine.But sadly not everyone could imagine this great feeling.some kids,babies,adults and even elders have no home. That is just sad if you think about it. That is why we should be thankful for what we have compared to them.But now it’s time to give them what they deserved the home they’ve dreamed of having. They are heart broken and we are not. It’s time we think and make their dreams come true. What do you think when you hear home? An apartment ,a castle and so much more,well your right! But it’s a bit more.If you’re happy there and you’re loved there that’s your true home. That’s your home!