Grade 4

C ourtanay
British Columbia

the meaning of home

The meaning of home.
Home is safe.
Home is filled love and happy memories.
It is a place where if you have a bad day you can come home and forget.
Home is made by a family.
At home it is easy to make happy memories.
Home can have one room or hundreds of rooms.
Its still home. Homes are all around the world.
Homes are on almost every continent.
A home could be made of cardboard, plastic, tires, wood or a tent but it is still home.
Home is special.
It is magical.
Home protects you from rain, wind and ice.
Homes can be found on alleys, streets and in the country.
Home is where you can be happy, existed, sad, peaceful, sad and angry with out fear.
All around the world there are homes from igloos to apartment’s.
Pets have a home in your house.
Your friends and family all have homes.
At home you can relax by reading, playing or sleep at home.
You spend your mornings at home go to school then come home have dinner then bed.
You spend a lot of time at home.
Friends can go to your home and you can go to there home.
In your home you can have a bedroom to have time alone.
You can have a summer home.
Home make you happy.
Homes have a source of water, food and warmth.
To get food you may have a garden by your home.
Your home may have a well or a park.
You spend time with your family.
Homes have items for you to play with.
There are programs that help people who don’t have homes get homes.