Grade 4

British Columbia

the meaning of home

The meaning of home.
What is a home?
Homes are where you can relax.
They have walls, floors, and a roof.
Homes offer a safe place to sleep and a warm, comfortable warm bed.
My family sleeps peacefully in our home knowing we are all safe and healthy.
My family has food and water and my pets live in my home with me.
I spend a lot of time making happy memories in home.
Homes come in all different sizes.
A home has to feel safe if you want to be comfortable.
Homes can be made out of wood, plastic, and tires.
My most precious belongings are in my home.
In Canada we mostly have homes with bathrooms but even without one it can still be a home.
Homes can have fireplaces, books, and toys.
It is not just rich people who donate money to Habitat for Humanity to build homes for people who can’t afford a home, it is people like me and my family.
Homes have kindness.
There is no place like home.
Homes are big and small.
My home has walls, floors and a roof.
My home has beds, and rooms.
My home has a kitchen and furniture.
Your friends come over to your home to play with you.
Your home has to keep the wind and rain.
It also needs to keep out big storms.
Some times the power will go out in your home.
People come some times to cheek your home to make sure your home is fine.
You do your home work in your home.
Most people have a backyard that they play in.
You have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in it.
You read books in your home.
Your home is safe and secure.
Some times in your backyard you may grow fruit vegetables.
In your bedroom you can have time alone.
Your pets can go out side to play.
Canada is a great place for people to live.
A lot of people live around the world.
Homes are on roads, streets, and in city’s.

This is what a home should have.
Food, water, beds.