Grade 6

New Brunswick

The meaning of home

Have you ever had that one day when you wished you could have stayed home?
As I was running home from school it was already a horrible day but it got worse….
I entered my house after a stressful day of school. I went to the kitchen where pictures were on the kitchen fridge. I sat on the cold hard chair and chatted with my mom and I had a ton of homework,I failed my test, my brother was crying and I was already mad.
Home is a safe place where I can be myself and where I can be funny and not being
judged. A place me and my family can celebrate celebrations. Even when you are sleeping you know you’re always safe and that no one is going to sneak up on you.
Home feels to me like a happy place an exiting, loud and a place everybody loves. It’s like a party every single day and it’s like a new celebration every hour. I love my home it’s an amazing place to live in I think my house is special plus a one of a kind.
Now let’s talk about homeless people. Some homeless people can’t live in houses because
they got kicked out and sometimes because of social insurance or other reasons. They have to eat food out of garbage sand lay on cold cement. I think it’s not fair that people don’t have homes.
I think everyone should have a home where they can celebrate their holidays and feel
safe. Where their family is with them to enjoy the good meals and feel safe when their sleeping. A house where there’s a warm place to get a rest. I don’t think it’s ok that homeless people are living outside. I think people should make a house for homeless people where they could live.