Grade 6

New Brunswick

The meaning of home

The meaning of home
I bolted inside.I wanted to get my homework done as fast as I could,So I could just relax.I wanted to get my homework done in a split second.Well…..That could never happen.Home where I don’t have to think at all.Except for my homework.
I’ve been moving all my life basically.If I move one more time.Im just gonna live by myself,literally.But I think this home is my real home.My home means to me is where my family lives and where I live.They will always be there for me and I will always be there for them.
It was already supper time.A nice,burning,hot meal was on the table.I jumped up and said “HURRAY”.I had a nice warm,cozy bed to slip into.I fell right asleep after a nice hot meal.Then it was already morning.I was so excited to be going to school.I ate my breakfast and put on my bookbag.Off was the day.
Do you know how many people can’t go to school and learn?Too many I can’t even say.We are so lucky to have a good country, to have a school,to have a home.We are lucky.Some countries people can’t even afford a house.
There are so many homeless people in the world.They have family’s they have to look after.But it is hard for them.They are just like us.They are humans,they do have families.They just don’t have as much money as we do.They can still make memories with each other.They just don’t have a house.They are no different then we are.