Grade 5

Courtenay B.C.
British Columbia

The meaning of home

The meaning of home
By A.G. Nov. 22, 2016
Home is a place to love and cherish all your life. It’s a place to have a laugh, a cry when you need to it’s a place to relax have memories and enjoyable moments with your family

Homes are made of all different kinds of materials like wood, brick, cement, ice and sometimes even recycled items. Some people are poor and can’t afford a home while other people live in an average cozy home and some people live in a huge cozy, comfy and beautiful home. Lots of people are lucky but some are not so lucky. So we need to try and help people who don’t have a lot of money to live.
A home is special and you should love it no matter what you have to love it and be thankful for it.
And that is the meaning of home

Why we should help
We should help because it would make all those people that don’t have a home really, really happy and thankful for what you’ve done and it will also make you very happy and satisfied of what you’ve done as well.
Why I love my home
I love my home because it’s warm and cozy and I love my bed and family and I’m so thankful that I even have a home that is why I love my home.