Grade 5

British Columbia

the meaning of home

The meaning of home
By: M. M. on Wednesday Nov.16,2016
A home is a place that can be made with many different materials like wood, brick, cement, ice, and recycled items like tires. It can also be naturally formed by the earth like if a tree hollowed it could make a dry home for someone who cannot afford a house like the ones we have. Imagine while you are sleeping in your nice warm, comfy bed someone is probably sleeping in the rain under a hard, un-comfy tree how would you feel if that is where you slept every night, and while you have a nice large fridge to keep your food cold and fresh other people do not have that either.

What makes a home a happy place to be?
A home is a special place that you and your family share and love. It’

is a place that creates memories and a place to do some of your favorite things you should thankful for your home and appreciate it too.
Why I love my home
I appreciate my home because there is enough room for my whole family my mom and dad have their own room, my grandma has her own room and me and my sister have our own rooms. I love how our kitchen connects to our dining room so when mom is cooking in the kitchen and my grandma and I are playing cards in the dining room we can still talk to my mom. I also enjoy spending Christmas at my house.
Why do we need to help?
They need help because with out a home they are not safe. They have a heater or fire place to keep them warm they may have a blanket but that is not enough. They do not have a fridge or cooler to keep their food fresh and cold. They could get seriously ill from the cold winters since they do not have enough warmth. We need to act fast and help these people in need, lets help raise money for habitat for humanity now!