Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of home

The meaning of home
Home is a place where you can feel safe. Home is where you eat yummy meals and sleep in your comfortable bed. It is where you celebrate the holidays. Home is where you do your homework and read books. It is where you watch movies with your family and friends (do not forget to make popcorn). Home is where you do sports and climb trees. It is where you play with your animals and take care of them. It is where you help your parents with the dishes and clean the sink. Home is where you have parties and eat chocolate cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles. It is where you draw pictures and knit warm scarves. You feel good when you come home to the smell of the burning fire and cinnamon candles. It is where you spend a lot of your time. Doing the things, you love. I love my home so much and so does the rest of my family.

Things a home needs to be home
A home needs enough food to feed the entire family.
Home also needs lots of water.
Home needs a loving family and loving friends.
Home needs to have lots of shelter to keep the family inside safe from the weather.
Home needs medical care.
Home needs a warm bed to sleep on with a blanket and pillow.
It needs room for everyone.
Home needs people.