Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place where I can sprint down the hallway on Christmas Day to see all the presents
around the Christmas tree and scattered around the living room! A place where I can come home from a horrible day and know that my whole family will be there to comfort me and love me. I come home and snuggle up in my cozy warm heated blankets and relax.
Before, when my dad was growing up he only usually only lived in one home for 1-2 years
Sometimes even a couple months. The longest he ever lived in a house was 6 years, and never got the experience or feeling of having a home. I feel like i’m lucky to have lived in the same house for 11 years which is my whole life! After school, when I flop into my bed and get into a taco shell like shape and keep warm and yank them if they fall down.
Home is always warm, cozy and a safe place for me that I can see the glimmering light shine through all the windows and light up the house. I can always smell supper cooking and it always smells so good.

Finally my family is the most important part of a home to me. Because I feel like if I lived in my house all by myself i wouldn’t like it as much as I do now. Without a family you might feel lonely in a house when you are only a kid. That’s why I think family would be the most important thing to have in a home.
Having a home is very important and I feel bad for homeless people that don’t have and I feel bad for homeless people that don’t have homes and some that live on the streets. At least some of them get to live at homeless shelters and get clean clothes and food everyday. I’m very lucky that I have a home and get a warm house and a family that loves me, cares for me and will always be there for me. I hope in the future that there will be less homeless people in the world so everyone can get the feeling of home.