Grade 6

St. Thomas

The Meaning of Home

Home is a place where you can say i’m loved. I have food, clean water and I’m safe. You can say that home is where you can make new memories, play with your loved ones and make new friends. For me home is a place that I can’t feel when i’m not there and no one can make me feel like it’s my home. When I come home I feel a feeling of happiness. People say that is a feeling some kids don’t get. Some don’t get clean water , no friends,no good memories. They feel hopeless. There are some moms, dads, and even kids my age living in a hotel maybe that has no fridge or microwave. And kids don’t come to a hotel and say I’m home and that feeling of happiness and belonging. Some kids live under a bridge with cardboard boxes and nothing else. I know we can make every family in Canada have a home if we work together.