Grade 6

Medicine Hat

The Meaning Of Home

My home is a place to be yourself,be lazy,be inspired.
Interesting conversations are made,amazing stories are read,long games are played,delicious meals are enjoyed,and prayers are said. You’ll feel safe, loved, joyed, cared for, excited,remembered,full, and at home. You’ll be together, feel complete,and make anytime a fun time when your at home. Home is a feeling not a building that can be torn away,home is where family resides,home is a part of yourself that never leaves,its where you take your first steps,its where you grow,where you never get stressed,where it doesn’t matter if there’s snow,hail,or sleet,home is a place where you sit comfortably,there’s no other place like home,it’s a place where no one judges you,it’s sheltered,gives you a place to sleep,and it’s clean.

a home I don’t know what I would do! It would be horrible.Without a home it would be unsafe because you can easily get stolen from,you might freeze,get heat stroke,animals can find you,and you can get infections from bugs that will swarm you throughout the night.
With no home you might get depressed,scared,feel unloved,forgotten,alone,it’s unclean,and just hard to live in those horrible circumstances.
that’s why love my home!
Time for family
Happy place
Endless fun

Memories are made
Everyday is wonderful
Always safe
No one is excluded
I feel welcome
Never lonely
Going home is an exciting time

Ok to be yourself
Full of laughter

Home is what I love
Only great
Merry place
Everybody loves home