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New Brunswick

The meaning of home

Tovah McGrath
Mrs.Gallant Language Arts
November 4th 2016
The meaning of home by Tovah McGrath

“5 4 3 2 1”
“You are dismissed” the teacher said as I jumped out of my seat .”Home at last a place where I am free”, finally ,I felt the bus seat sizzling in the sun light . Looking at all the homes, made me run off the bus to my home . I dropped my strong books on the couch “home sweet home “. I snugged the sheets up to my cheek .

However, i love how my mom and dad kiss my soft cheek , and say goodnight . My mom and dad watching the tv all ways helped me go to sleep. The food,water, and toys
Are home it’s the best thing in life ,’’everyone has a home ‘’ well that’s what i thought .

As i am saying , some people are poor they do not have a home . They do not have warm fuzzy blankets , or a dinner to eat with there family. I wish everyone could have a home,
But it can not be that way ,we are lucky to have a home .

Mostly everyone has a home and every home has a person , some people are working hard to have a home . that is why i am happy to have a home , to live in and make wonderful times , sometimes i get a little scared,but i love my home

I love my home do you love your home ? i always feel welcome at my snuggly home . Every day hard day or not , no matter what, your home is the best place to be . I think it is not fair that people do not have home , but my mom told me it is just life , and life is unfair .

Thank you for reading my meaning of home