Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Some people say the meaning of home is where you live.
Home is a place where I feel safe, and comfort. Home is a place to heal and to rest. Home is a place of love. I have been dealing with some problems with my ankle, sometimes all I want to do is rest and go home to my family. My family has been supporting me so much throughout these months that I have had this problem and I couldn’t ask for more. For me home is my family. If somebody took my house and items it would be sad but not as important, but is somebody took my family I would never forget that moment I would live in despair and denial. I would live surrounded by my own sadness.
I would like to make a difference, I want everybody to experience love and a home in some way. Some people live in the streets and beg for food everyday they live in the cold in fear of death and sickness all they want is warmth, a home and love. If some days you take your home and family for granted, don’t because your family loves you and they always will.
Home is where the heart is.