Grade 5

North Saanich,
British Columbia

The meaning of home

The Meaning Of HOME!
I have a brown house. It is very warm inside. We have a heat pump it sometimes is too hot or too cold or just right. My home has a family dog named Slush and he makes me feel safe when he is around. I feel safe, happy and warm in my home. The thing I love most about my home is the kitchen and my room. The one thing I like about the kitchen is the food and the drinks. I like the fridge and the pantry that’s all I like about the kitchen know we can go upstairs. My room is located upstairs along with my brothers room. My bed is so comfortable and it is very squishy. My room is blue but we are painting my room green some day. Some people need to have a job to own a home. To live in a home and keep your house running you also need to clean gutters because if you do not clean the gutters they will rot and fall off. Same with the moss that grows on your roof it will actually make your roof fall off so keep your house healthy and clean.That’s why we are writing about the meaning of home, it will give money to the poor and help build houses for the less fortunate.