Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

Home is not just a place, it’s where you feel safe and secure.
Home is where you feel like you belong.
Home is where you feel like there’s nothing else better in the world than your home.

Home is where you feel warm inside,
Home is where you explore, more and more rooms to see.
It’s where you have fun with your friends and family.
Home is where your imagination explodes.
Home is where you play with your dog in your backyard.
Home is where you have dinner with your family.
Home is where you giggle when your dad tickles you.
Home is where you feel like yourself.
Home is where you play games with your little sister.

Not everyone can make art, but everyone can make memories.
Like, when your little sister licked all the icing off your birthday cake. Or when your cat fell in the toilet.
And you never forget anything about your home.

And still, there’s more people out there without one.
I wish everyone could feel the same way as me.