Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home
If you have a home you will understand that it is nice and you have your own privacy and space, but if you don’t have your own home you know it can be and sometimes even depressing, if you have your own kids you are going to want to play with them but maybe it’s not a safe backyard or not enough space. I have a lovely family and a lovely home to and if someone took that all away from I would be very sad, for example picture in your head that you are renting an apartment you don’t have your own space and privacy, would you feel happy?. The meaning of home is you can have privacy, safety and space and you can feel cozy and feel safe in your own home, and those are but a few things of the meaning of home. I think kids should be more respectful and more thankful to their parents because your parents are the one that usually give you a home, because realistically lots of children and adults don’t have a home. I know that this family who is getting a home from habitat for humanity is going to be thrilled and thankful, when they have their welcome home party it is going to be very emotional for them. Just remember that you are very lucky to have your own home and remember to pray for the family that is getting a home. This is the meaning of home.