Grade 5

Nova Scotia

The meaning of home

Home is a place to relax, a place to sleep and recharge for the next day.
Home is where you have parties.
It is where you can just read a book or play a game.
It is a place that you are always welcome into.
In your home you are loved and cared for.
If you have a home you should be very grateful for it because some people don’t have one.
A home is always a safe place where the people you care about live.
You can play with them for hours if you feel like it.
It’s where you make memories and have special feelings.
In a home you have food and water and fun.
Home is a place like no other.
It doesn’t matter how big it is, it matters about the feelings you have for it.
It is a quiet place.
A magic place.
A warm place.
Home is where you recover from injuries.
Where you learn how to walk and learn right and wrong.
Somewhere where you are encouraged to do good things.
Somewhere in the world there are lots of homeless people. If you see one the least you can do is ask them if they need help. It will make a difference.
Everyone needs a home and just by writing these pieces, we are helping people.
If we all work together then everyone will have a home.
This is the meaning of home to me.