Grade 6


the meaning of home

When someone says home I think of a house with nice people in it, people that love their family. So basically I think of my home. Home is love like sports is life. Home is happiness. Home is hard times, but the love in the home that comes from the family will push through. I hope that this project will help everyone in the country will have a have a home, like me. I hope that every kid in the country will have a home. Then we will move on to the next country. I think home should look like wrestling, movie, helping, caring, cage-raging (boxing with hockey masks on.), lounging on a couch, pranks, and popcorn!!! Home is a parade in the streets. Home is food. Home is fun. Home is so great you can’t explain it. What I am writing now is probably not even an eighth of what home is like.
The End