Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

A home can be anything, it can be a house, an apartment or even a cave. In this essay, I will discuss the way I think of home and how not everyone has a home.

First of all, I think of home in many different ways. When you talk about a place that you are comfortable in, that can be a home. Another thing is a home is where you have food to eat. You are mostly happy in your home and there is almost no sorrow. Your friends are near and you see them almost everyday at home. When there are times of danger, you still feel safe in your home. At home, there is almost no starvation. You are always warm in your home, even in the cold of winter. When you have a family, your home is wherever they are.

Sadly, not everyone has a home, even where we live. Even in Canada, some people are homeless. Each day, they do not feel comfortable or safe. They beg for money on the streets and almost no one gives them any. In places that seem like it would be paradise, there still are homeless people. It is widely probable that the world will always have homeless people. People are so busy making money that they don’t think about people who don’t have any money. If the world would be just, no one would have to worry about starvation and not having a home.

I feel very fortunate to have a home, a bed, and food. We can help others by giving just $1 to a homeless person on the street.