Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
Home is a place where you can be strong, home is a place where you bond. Home is place where you rest at night home is a place where you rise at morn. Home is a place were you feel safe , Home is a place where you misbehave. Home is a place where you feel loved in everyway, a place you can stay inside on cold winter days.

But in the world there are misfortunes, there are some family’s with no place to be warm and feel safe. There are family’s with no home’s, No place to Rome and hardly any shelter. But there are ways to prevent that, we can be apart of “The Meaning of Home” to help the family’s who can’t afford a place

Just think of how lucky you are to have a home, there are people with no money to have a home. Family’s no with homes live on the streets and they barely eat. Let the family’s feel safe like you do, let the family’s grow up in a place just like you