Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
People say that home is simply a house. In my opinion, home doesn’t mean just a house, it means much more than that. It means something amazing, something awesome and most of all, a happy place. We love, play and we give thanks to this gift that our family gave us and that God has promised to protect. As we walk in our home, we give thanks every day for our roof over our head and look forward to the coming of the journey we seek to discover. We share awesome moments in our home. Thanks to home we don’t need to live on the streets. We ought to see us wakeup in world where dreams come true.

There is one thing that is very sad for others. They do not have the joy we have and the fun we spend every day waking up in a place where dreams come true but just nothing. They do not have homes and you might think that this is not true, but yes it’s true they have to live in a place where there is people to help them. We will make a change because we will donate money to people who need a home to cherish and love it. We will donate 50000 dollars to the country that need a home.
Cherish and love your home as much as I do and as much as you do.