Grade 5

Cumberland B.C
British Columbia

The Meaning of Home.

In life there are many things we take for granted. Some of the things we don’t even think about being lucky to have. For instance a home. Some people think that all a home is is a place with a roof over your head, for some people though, its much more. The meaning of home to me is having a place to first off call home. Some people don’t have a place to even call home. Another thing that I think is a home is a place to go where you know that you are safe, to know that you are loved. Some people don’t have a place that they can go to and know that they are safe and that they are loved by some people in the world. A home is something that is peaceful that you can go to after a rough day of school or something else that has happened in the day. There are so many people big or small, adult or child that not only want homes but need them. So maybe one day when you are sitting on your couch or on a chair or something like that, in a house, take that for granted think about the people who don’t have homes. One day in the world I hope that everyone has a place to call home, everyone has a place that makes them happy. If that day happens then I think this world will be a better place, for all of us.