Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

I feel that home is a place where you are never alone. A place where you feel safe. It’s a place where you feel belonged and a place where you don’t get scared. A place where you never feel cold and a place with parents, brothers, sister’s friends and relatives that will help you through thick and thin. It’s a place where you never feel down and you’ll always be loved and feel warm. Even if your sick you’ll always feel at home. A place where you grow up in a place and where you make memories of the best time you have in your life. When you’re at home you’ll always feel welcome. Home is a place where you fight with siblings sometimes but no matter what home will always be the most kind and caring place. And at home no matter how much your feeling down there always be someone to pick you up. Its where you’ll always think its great to be home. Its where you do cool and crazy things. Where you have sleepovers and share your secrets. Its where you bond with friend’s, relatives and family. Its where you cry, laugh and have fun. where you dream. where you’ll find passion with the help of friends and family. Where you learn to crawl, walk, run, read and write. Its where you meet new people like sisters, brothers and friends. Whenever I think about the people without a home I think how lucky I am to have a home with the best friends, relatives and family. Its hard to imagine about the people who don’t have a home. The people without the loving and caring feeling. Now its time to help the people without a home and I hope it will work.