Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

There is a Mother, living in a tiny mud brick house, in Morocco. Surviving in the middle of the Sahara Desert is hard but she has her family and friends to support her. Her house is small and very hot, but it’s still her home.

There is a little old man who lives in Spain. He has a house underground. It is called a Cueba. The house keeps him cool in the summer and warm in the winter. His house may be unique, but it’s still his home, and he is happy.

In a village in China, there is a boy, he lives in a small stone house, with his mother and father. It is hard to work on the farm, harvesting crops, and hauling them back to the house. His life is tiring and tough. But he’s still happy, and he still has a home.

Then, there is a little girl, she lives on the streets of Winnipeg. Her house is a cardboard box, in a dark alley. She’s skinny and weak. Her mother is doing the best that she can. The little girl waits out on the street, begging for money, snacks, or maybe just a smile. But all she receives are scowls, and looks of disgust. The shelters are helping, but not enough. Every night the small girl, prays that her mother might get a job or that they can someday afford a home.

Her house is a box. That is not a home.

A home is not just a building you live in, it’s a place where you make memories with your family and friends. Where you learn new things. Where you laugh, and where you cry.
But no matter where you live, or where you come from, everyone should have a home.