Grade 6

New Brunswick

the meaning of home

Meaning of Home

Home is a privilege. Home is where you will find your family and the people you love. Home is were you’ll find warmth and somewhere that you feel safe.

Home is not something that every one has so you shouldn’t take for granted. Home is not only somewhere you eat and sleep.Home is somewhere you go during happy, sad and scary moments. In your home you have hope that something even better will happen. Home is a shelter its what you rely on when its raining, snowing and even when it’s warm out you always go to your home for comfort and shelter. In your home you make memories whether they’re bad, happy, sad or funny memories you make all of them in your home or someone else’s home. Not everyone has a place they can call home that’s why its a place you should take for granted. take care of your home it’s the only one you’ve got. In your home you have many different emotions like happy, sad, excitement, anger or even gilt.

Remember that a home is a privilege so never take it for granted. Not everyone has a home.