Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

Love, cherish, happiness I’m going to tell you about what home is compared to a house is in my opinion. The difference is that a house is that a hose has things like TV, furniture, oven but a house has more special things like amusement, peace the things that you can never imagine even if there’s fear you will always find a way out of it. A house is just to keep you safe from rain, hail, snow it will keep you warm and a home will keep you warm inside it is a place where you can feel happy with joy, dreams, emotion and everyone will understand you know matter where you are. One of the most important things about a home is the memories you make with family and friends a house isn’t as special because it doesn’t have the benefits of love because a home is to make you comfortable no matter who you are with. A hose is a thing that you won’t like clothes, video games and a couch you don’t need but won’t. But a home is a thing that everybody needs like a family, dreams come to life to make one amazing place for traditions. It is a place where love will never end.