Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

In my home, safety and comfort is found. There is a never-ending river of love that separates me and my family from the horrors of the world. My home is like an island where I can stay, there is always plenty of food and water and very little hatred or anger is found. Around it there is a roaring sea. The sea turns and swallows all hope and there is often storms, but I am safe with my family on the island, sheltered from the horrible sea of chaos.
My home is filled with hope and imagination so easy to find it is as if it has been there for eternity. When you walk into the home you will find stress leaving you, and hope becoming the foundation of your heart, as if you were a castaway finally finding safety after a petrifying storm.
Yes, my home is where my family settles and where my friends are often found playing with me. A home is a wonderful place, for it is not made from boards and beams…a home is made of love and dreams.