Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

House and home are two very different words. House means what is in your house or what is made to form a house. Home has a very different meaning to me. In my home there is love, joy and forgiveness. In my home I feel safe and comfortable. My home may have a very different meaning than some people think but it will always be my first and favorite home. In my home I feel respected. Sometimes I can be angry or sad but my home will help me feel better. There will be ups and downs. I will get through it feeling happy and secure. My family cares and trusts me. In my home I feel ridiculous and I can be scared by my dreams, but my family will be there for me in my home. I can have problems or be scared but there’s always something or someone in my home to help me or to cheer me up. There are chairs, sinks, windows and cookies in a house but in a home it is way more special than what is in a house.