Grade 6

Medicine Hat

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is a place where I am happy and relaxed.I don’t have to be scared and I know I’m safe because I have lots of people that live with me like my two brothers and my mom,if my house were to ever get broken into I would have someone to save me.I like living in my house because there’s people I love and lots of stuff to do.I know I should not look forward to eating as soon as I get off the bus but it is since my mom is not home yet.

A sad thing that happened to me at home is my fish died and when my fish died my mom said she’d get us a dog but she didn’t but I still love her and everyone else.If i didn’t have a house I would be just skin and bones and i would be living on the street.So I am very grateful to be living in a house with my family.