Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

“Home is a place where you feel safe enough to take off your shoes.” That is so true and I love it. I have never moved but when I go to my friends house I feel uncomfortable. I mean, if I get hurt I don’t want to cry but if I get hurt at home it doesn’t matter if I cry because my Mom and Dad won’t make fun of me.
I love my home. One time my cat jumped on me and scratched me on my back. I was crying. My mom said “Its ok.” I got a band-aid and it felt better. I said “Thanks Mom.” She said “You don’t have to say thanks”. My mom and dad had a baby, she was so cute. When she was 3 years old I had to move down stairs. My baby Sister moved from her crib to my old room and she loved it! I love my new bedroom too. It is so much bigger. My bed was huge, there was more space in my new room. I can fit lots more stuff. My home has changed but all along the way I had family changing with me.
A house is just walls no fun, no memories. It just doesn’t feel right like a home. New houses feel like a new pair of shoes. It takes time to break them in. When you do it feels great. I did this writing to donate $10 to build a home. Thanks Habitat for Humanity this was so awesome and a fun adventure.
By Demitrius