Grade 4

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

A home is where you live with your family.
A home is where you laugh and play.
At home you have a safe place to sleep quietly through
the night with dreams of happiness and great things.

A home is where you’re treated with kindness and respect.
Where you are kind and respectful to your family.
Where you are loved and love.

At home you can recover when you’re sick,
heal when you’re wounded and
where you can become happy when you’re sad.

At home not everything belongs to you,
but that is okay because it is where you first learned to share.

Some people don’t have a home, so sadly to say,
I’m writing this story so that someone will have a place to stay.
I hope this works, if it does not, we will have to find a way,
so that everyone can have a place to call home.